Illuminar Gaming sign Chakalaka | VALORANT NEWS

Illuminar Gaming have announced the signing of Polish team Chakalaka.

Chakalaka have been around for a while, but popped up on the radar of most European VALORANT fans in the Challenger 2 – Play-Ins/Play-Offs, where their flat-out aggression helped them nearly take down Team Heretics, who’d go on to place second at Masters. They’ve been good in many other events as well, though, and have won multiple Polish events, such as the Polish Esport Cup 2020 – Round 2, the x-kom AGO CUP 5, and the Beloud Cup 3. They’re currently ranked at #19 on THESPIKE.GG’s European Rankings, and have been as high as #11 at times.

Multiple Polish teams have been rising up the European ladder lately, with Chakalaka and Ballista Esports among them. Illuminar will hope to challenge the latter to be the best in the Polish scene, and try to keep pushing the top teams for a possible spot in a larger tournament too.

Illuminar Gaming’s roster is:

Karol “Nitro” Przedpełski
Grzegorz “GRUBINHO” Ryczko
Kacper “AjMERiTO” Barszcz
Kamil “frontside” Moroń
Sebastian “snikk” Kamiński