How to Unlock Valorant Agents FAST

In Valorant game there is 12 agents. But there is some grind, unlocking the Agents in Valorant. There are some fast tricks to access every agent quickly. Firstly, after understanding everything about the game and then finding a way to unlock all the agents is a very lengthy and quite complicated process.

Following these steps will help you to unlock the agents,

  • Activating Agent Contracts

This activation of agent contracts is very easy like going to the ‘Collection’ and hitting the ‘Agents’ tab and then scrolling down to the characters that are not free. In every contract in the game, you have to get Tier 5 to unlock the agents. The amount of XP doesn’t matter here.

  • Unlock Agent reward tokens

After completing the mini-contract the game will give players a helping hand to start the way of unlocking the agents. The ‘Unlock Agent’ is there in the game to instantly get a character.

At level 5 and level 10 players can unlock the agents, but few Agents are still left to unlock.

  • How to earn XP

There are two different ways for earning XP in the time of playing Valorant. By completing the challenges and by adding the values on the collection.

Players can get 100 XP from playing a round. After the win additional 200 XP will add to the collection. A victor of overtime requires 5100 XP.

Players find that unlocking all the Agents is not needed. Any Agent that you do not use your free coupons for you have to reach Tier 5 on their Contract to add the Agents into the collection. The points that players require for ties are, Tier 1 requires 25,000 XP for completion and after that every step requires additional 25,000 XP. For the completion of Tier 2, it takes 75,000 XP (25,000 XP for Tier1 + 50,000 for Tier 2). A total amount of 375,000 XP requires to reach Tier 5 and to unlock the agents.

  • Maximize XP through Missions

At the time of official launch, players will have two missions for progress in Valorant game. But many players completed these missions. Its very important to keep the track of the missions, since we can earn huge amount of XP by them.

  • Unlock Agents by purchasing

For the players those who don’t want to climb Tier 5 in a contract can also unlock the agents spending some amount of cash. There is that way for the players to unlock Agents by purchasing. Players can spend 1,000 bucks to instantly boost the rounds and get a specific agent. With a rough estimation of $10 is the is the price in USD.

  • Optimize gameplay to earn XP

Earning XP isn’t associated to any achievement in the game like getting some headshots or planting Spikes. Players are looking to earn more XP to extend games into further rounds as much as possible by the players. Individual praise that comes with a hard carry in the game don’t contributed XP. Its just a path to unlock the Agents in Valorant.


To unlock Agents players, have to play every round till round 5 but in Valorant also there is an opportunity for the players to unlock then in round 10.

Also leaving this anyone can but this Agents spending $10 bucks.

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