How to surrender in Valorant if the game is not winnable?

Players are asking for the Valorant surrender option from the first day of is a closed beta period of the game. Finally, with patch 1.02 Riot developers introduced this feature to the game. Before this feature the players, live servers have to play all the round till the opponent team wins the 13 rounds, even if another team had one or more than one died player. But now players can pick this Valorant surrender vote feature and forfeit or /ff the remaining rounds in the game.

Though for this Valorant surrender command is a voting process and all the players have to vote ‘yes’ for it.

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If this vote is passed the remaining round will be passed and the opponent team declared as a winner. Before the Valorant surrender button, all the team has to play 8 rounds, before that nothing can happen.

How to start Surrender voting in Valorant?

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Three simple steps are there to get the Early surrender in Valorant feature in the game:

  • Bring up the chat

By pressing ENTER BUTTON on Chat you have to first bring up the chatbox. If you want to flame the rest of the team players then also you have to press the same key.

  • Typing ‘/ff’

To get the votes, you have to type /forfeit or /ff or concede or surrender in the chat box.

  • Your own team need to reply with ‘yes’

On the left-hand side of the HUD, there will be a box after staring the voting process. It will prompt the players to reply with YES or NO by pressing F5 or F6 key as per their reply. Every single player from the team needs to say yes to approve the surrender. If any of the players gives a NO, the game will continue, till 13 wins of another team. One more thing you have to remember that this game will allow one surrender vote per half.