How to Play Valorant Using Controller

The latest FPS shooter game Valorant has seen unexampled levels of success from its closed beta period. Now, after three days of its official launch, the game is still that much popular like the beta stage. More players from different genres are coming to play this game every day.

For the popularity of Valorant even the console players now want to play this game to enjoy the extravaganza of this new tactical shooter game. Though the console version of Valorant is yet to release, a future launch in this version still in it’s testing period by Riot.

Beside controller mapping, if the players can use Xbox and PS4 like other games like Call of Duty, Overwatch is not yet confirmed by Riot.

But the console players can use PC for Valorant, just like the console with a controller.

Right now, it is a big question for the players that if they are able to play Valorant with a controller or not.

Yes, you can play but we suggest you to not do it, as Valorant is a PC title with no controller supported officially. There is not going to be an assist for aiming in this game, and it would become a huge disadvantage for the players if they want to use it. With a mouse and a keyboard, aiming is really hard, that’s why players need to use the controller. This controller helps the players to keep their aim accurate and to stay on their aims.

Reward application is a good way for remapping the controller into Valorant settings. With this, console lover gamers can play the game in which way they want to play.

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