How to Play Sage in Valorant

Riot Games’ boasts a variant roaster of Agents, what is different in Sage that makes her different from other Agents. Here we are trying to describe her exclusive abilities and the gameplay that makes her different from others.

In a hectic battleground Sage is a force of calm. There is a combination of healing power and Orbs in Sage that makes her a supportive role and become the ultimate protective Agent. Here is everything about Sage, which make the team of yours powerful and it makes a difference between life and death of players.

Ability of Sage:

The main aim of Sage is safety. In the battleground where there is no second chance of life, there sage provide the players her safety net to move forward in the game.

  • Ability 1 – Barrier Orb: EQUIP an orb which makes a barrier. A solid wall is places via FIRE. ALT FIRE makes the targeter rotate. 400 credits are needed for this ability.
  • Ability 2 – Slow Orb: FIRE to throw an orb which is slow, explodes upon landing. Create a prostrate field that makes the players slow. EQUIP a slowing orb. 100 credits are needed for this ability.
  • Signature ability – Healing Orb: EQUIP a healing orb. Over a damage ally FIRE with your crosshairs to activate a heal on them over time. ALT FIRE when Sage will be damaged then to activate self-heal on then over time. This is free.
  • Ultimate ability – Resurrection: EQUIP a resurrection power. To begin resurrecting on then over a dead friend with your crosshair. After some time, the dead ally will be brought back to his full life. (seven points)

The main trump card with makes Sage different from others is Healing power. Sage’s healing tool is so easy to use during the game, and it can bring back life to you and your teammates.

The complete game changing ability of Sage is to regenerate a dead ally. Once you have gained the ultimate ability of Sage it can bring back a player from the opposite side.

This can turn a round to completely in your favour. It is not worthy that any teammates gave birth in the round do so without any shield with them.

This is useful that for a time period the teammates those who are recovered will have had the chance to spectate and can gain some intel which can totally turn the game into your favour.

Gameplay of Sage:

Mathieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez, the Counter-Strike legend told us how Sage could be one of the most precious Agent in your team.

Only the healing and supporting the fellow team is not the only work of Sage, she can actually play her own and can protect against the threats. We can purchase her main core abilities between each round.

By using Barrier Orb ability of Sage, she can place a wall on the map which can block the specific chocking points. Though the opponent enemies can break this wall.

Both the Slow Orb and the Barrier Orb was combined by Maniac to protect from a push coming from the enemies. Using this both of the ability’s players can make delay for enemies to push the wall. Sage can be used as a main defender.


In the time of defending the power you get with Sage is really cool and its very helpful. For defending the incoming push from the opponents Sage can defend you like a protection. Not only the protection, but also Sage helps the players for in-game trade. Also, there are some ways to protect Sage’s Slow and Barrier Orb. Such as Jett, which will be used using her Updraft and Tailwind abilities. But lastly, we can say that presence of Sage in any team make the team over protective and also more powerful for win.

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