How to Get Valorant Skins – Guide

In most big online games, skins are the major thing that sets players apart from another. Players look for the rarest skins in Fortnite or Apex Legends to make themselves stand out. Valorant is a bit different in its approach to skins, but players are just as keen to get Valorant skins. The title has a different approach to skins. There are some free Valorant skins, but there aren’t any character skins in the game. Instead, there are Valorant weapon skins. These look substantially different though.

There are now quite a few agents in Valorant with the most recent addition of Killjoy. There are Agent skins in Valorant exclusive to their weapons. This doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of different looks available in Valorant eventually though. This is all you’re going to need to know about the skins, if you can get free Valorant skins, and what’s going on with those astronomical prices you’ve probably seen.

Are There Skins in Valorant?

How to get Valorant Skins

Valorant doesn’t have agent skins at the moment. So you can’t change the way your whole character looks. Right now, the main thing is weapon skins. Other games have this too, but Valorant is taking it a bit further than just a weapon wrap. Since this is the main way for you to customize your character though, these skins are more than they are in other games.

There are some skins that are specific to agents. These ones are unlocked in a different way though. We’ll cover this below.

The Weapon skins are definitely something you can recognize in games compared with just a different color. In Valorant, weapon skins rotate in and out. There are featured skins that change every two weeks. There are also ‘offers’ which change over every 2 or 3 days. So there’s quite a few out there.

How to Get Skins in Valorant

There are a few different ways to unlock skins. You can use Contracts to get points, the Battle Pass, or purchase them directly which is the simplest.

To get Valorant skins, you need to buy them using premium currency. This is Valorant Points or VP. This currency comes from buying with real-world money or from unlocking smaller amounts.

Progressing through the battle Pass gets you Radianite Points. These points can be used to evolve and level up your skins. This gets you new variants and other things like effects. If you’re not getting these fast enough, you can buy them from the store too.

How Do You Get Free Valorant Skins?

How to get Valorant Skins

At the moment, skins in Valorant have a bit of a high price considering they’re just for weapons. So can you get free Valorant skins? There are some, but they’re different from the ones in the store.

It’s good that you can get free skins in Valorant since the normal ones end up costing quite a bit of money compared to those in other games. There is a simple way to get free skins in Valorant for each Agent.

Once you unlock agent contacts, you can progress through two chapters with each agent. Each lets you unlock things like sprays, and eventually skins. Once you get to Tier 10, you’ll be able to actually unlock free Valorant skins. These aren’t as fancy as the paid ones and only apply to one character. However, it’s a fun way to add a bit of color to your main Agent’s weapon.

They do require quite a lot of XP to actually get through. Around 625,000 XP is going to be needed overall. If you focus, then you can get things unlocked as quickly as possible. Daily missions get 2,000 XP and you can complete two a day. So, 28,000 in a week. Then there are weekly missions that can get you 10,00 XP points. Overall this means you should only need a few weeks to get to the free skins tier of each Agent. It’ll take a while, but this is how you can get free Valorant skins.

Are The Skins Worth It?

Valorant skins are kind of expensive. The price has gone up to 9990 VP, or $95, for a bundle. If this is worth it for you just depends on if you really want them or not. These skins are unlikely to get any cheaper, nor are they going to be expanding the free ones since the higher prices are moving skins at the moment.

If you’re looking to unlock the free Valorant skins, then you’ll need to be playing your best with each player. This guide can help you improve your performance in-game to get more XP.