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How to get VALORANT loot with Twitch Prime Gaming

Riot Games and Twitch’s freshly rebranded “Prime Gaming” have teamed up to give VALORANT players with Amazon Prime a little bit of extra in-game content other the course of the next few months.

With three content drops for PC gamers who play VALORANT, Prime Gaming is rewarding its subscribers with in-game cosmetics, including “Gun Buddies” and a spray.

If you haven’t already started to get these drops, only one of which is out at the moment, there are a few quick steps you can take to claim your loot and show off in front of all your friends.

To start things off, you’ll want to make sure that your Amazon Prime and Riot accounts are linked to your Twitch account. This can be done by going to Twitch and clicking on your accounts thumbnail in the upper right corner.

Toward the bottom of the drop-down menu that appears when you right click, your avatar there will be an image of a cog next to a label “settings.” Clicking that will take you to numerous settings options for your profile. The settings are divided by category and are listed horizontally across the top of the screen.

The second to last tab for the right label “Connections” is where you want to head next. Clicking that tab will show you all of the different accounts that you can connect to your Twitch account.

From there, connecting your Amazon Prime and Riot accounts will be as easy as clicking the purple “connect” button that’s next to the “Amazon” and “Riot Games” boxes.

Once you click the “connect” button, a new window will open up asking you to type in your Amazon or Riot password, respectively. After you do that with both accounts, you’ll be able to claim your prizes.

Prime Loot has a vast and growing array of rewards for gamers with Amazon Prime. But to get the VALORANT loot specifically, you just need to head to Prime Gaming’s VALORANT webpage.

You should immediately be able to see the available Prime Gaming VALORANT cosmetics under a blue bar that has a crown and says “claim now.” All you need to do now is click that bar and be signed in to your Amazon account. The cosmetics should then be immediately added to your account.

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