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How to deal with Network Buffering in Valorant?

  • Network Buffering makes easy the gameplay experience for the players who are facing packet losses constantly.
  • There are three settings: Minimum, Moderate and Maximum

One of the biggest enemies of online games is an internet connection for which a constant packet loss problem will happen. When it comes to tactical FPS and low-TTK games like Valorant, it is quite irritating for the players to see your opponent’s teleporting from one edge to another on the map. This is called ‘player popping’ and also one of the biggest problems to deal with in online shooting games.

This is exactly where the Network Buffering comes into the picture. When rendering the other players on the screen Valorant players have 7.8125ms “buffer” time for each player. According to Riot, this is a new player setting that helps the players for popping.

How does Network Buffering affect gameplay in Valorant?

The Network Buffering problem is a constant evil for the players with an unstable internet connection that suffer from packet losses frequently. According to one of the Valorant Developers, RiotStealthy Jesus:

“You could update this buffer to some huge amount (say 1 whole second) and have ultra-smooth player movement, no matter your packet loss rate. But there would be massive peeker’s advantage, everyone else would get a whole 1-second jumpstart on you, and you’d lose almost every gunfight.”

With the help of an image, he explains how the Network Buffering works in Valorant. The images are:

Image Courtesy – RiotStealthyJesus

Working on remote interpolation delay is depicted here. Players with an unstable internet connection always experience laggy gameplay or they can choose massive peeker’s advantage for the opponents to have over them. If the internet connection is not stable then Valorant comes with lots of settings that will appear on the screen while playing. If you already experience this unstable network connectivity problem then you know that you will get a low Network Frame indication on the top right hand of the screen, where you can also see the other players popping around the map.

It’s better to switch Network Buffering on for poor connection

If the network connection of yours is not stable then keeping the network buffering setting into minimum will help you a lot. If you are suffering packet loosed frequently then you can switch on the Network Buffering. It is important to know about all the buffering settings- Minimum, Moderate, and Maximum.

  • Minimum: 1 frame delay hereby defaults which is 7.8125ms and also a complete 128 send rate will send to Valorant system from your system.
  • Moderate: 3 frame delay hereby defaults which is 23.4375ms and also a complete 64 send rate will send to Valorant system from your system.
  • Maximum: 5 frame delay hereby defaults which is 39.062ms and also a complete 32 send rate will send to Valorant system from your system.

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