Hotfix coming in the next few hours to address Omen’s teleport exploit | VALORANT NEWS



15 hours ago

Sometimes when a game receives a new patch, it brings up a bigger problem than the ones it was supposed to fix. Unfortunately, Patch 1.07 is one of those, as players started reporting Omen being able to teleport beyond the spawn barrier and catch the enemies completely off-guard. After all, who is going to expect the opposition’s Omen to be waiting for you at spawn?

Riot Games were quick to catch the game-breaking bug, but thought it was initially tied to certain maps. However, after investigating the issue and replicating it on all of VALORANT’s maps, they decided to disable Omen from the game until further notice. Its “real” fix is going to roll out in the upcoming hours based on your region, with a hotfix addressing the exploit and other minor bugs as well.

This might be a problem for competitions running during this weekend, like the LVP – FPS All-Star, the Polish Open #FRAMESWINGAMES, and the A.W EXTREME MASTERS Japan Invitational, since most compositions rely on the VALORANT agent’s ability to disrupt pushes and deny vision from certain points.

A similar incident happened with the character during the tilte’s closed beta period just before ranked mode was dropped, where he was able to teleport under Haven’s C site Plat to plant the spike, with no chance of the enemy reaching it to defuse.

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