Hitbox broken while crouching in Valorant

If you are likely to adopt a crouching technique then it may cause an unfortunate death as players have revealed major issues about hit registration in the new updates patch.

In FPS game precision is absolutely vital, players want to make the most of the little advantages that come on their way. Crouching is very familiar with CS:GO players, it is the best way to help reduce the recoil. This technique applies to Valorant as well.

valorant crouch hit registration issue
Image Courtesy – Rock Paper Shotgun

Though it is not as significant as the new title release by Riot, many players still adopt this crouching technique in the time of gunfights from any range and position. Players have a strong wish to get this with some upgrade but Patch 1.02 appears with a completely broken hit reg in the time of crouching.

Hit box in Valorant is broken after Patch 1.02

If you have been cheated on a few gross headshots lately, you might actually in the right situation. A disturbing meme filled compilation from a Reddit user name as elektrokills highlights how many countless headshots came with no impact at all in the time of crouching.

Headshots not registering when a player crouches from r/VALORANT

One avid player also responded that this happened with him many times while crouching. Another user posted a video clip on how headshots are failed in the comment section.

Another Reddit user lilacshower responded that he crouched to have the extra sweet accuracy but only can see blood effect to have it not count. This is a latency issue according to him and also this video will be going off as there is no way for packet delays to last that long.

No official comment from Riot is still made since Patch 1.02 launched on 23 June. While there is a huge change in maps and Agent tweaks are also notable but it seems like hit registration was not touched by the developers at all. Perhaps with enough howl things will turn into good in the future. The ranked mode of Valorant just came live on June 24. Therefore, as soon as the crouching headshots came, the experience will be better.

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