Hiko, Asuna, and other VALORANT pros complain about ranked mode and hidden MMR

Ranked is always going to be a major talking point when it comes to popular first-person shooters, and that has been true for VALORANT since Riot Games first implemented its ranked mode. 

Just today, several high-level players, including 100 Thieves’ Spencer “Hiko” Martin made it clear he and many others believe there is something seriously wrong with ranked in VALORANT

Hiko, while streaming with Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk, broke things down for his viewers, saying that both players believe the MMR and Elo rating system in the game is broken. This is mainly due to Asuna thinking it is easier to find a game on his alternate account “bucky only” than his mainaccount. 

According to Hiko, Asuna’s main account, which is currently only ranked in Platinum III, has a higher Elo than his alt account in Radiant. This means it is easier to find games as the top-ranked player in the world than on his account which used to be a top rank and has fallen off in the new season. 

Andrew “ShoT_UP” Orlowski also commented on this issue, saying he just doesn’t understand why one portion of the ranking isn’t affected by the other. 

“Not sure I’ll ever understand why Riot decided to make the top 500 leaderboard and hidden MMR different,” ShoT_UP said. “Why does my hidden MMR which is forcing me to wait 40+ minute queues solo with all servers enabled not have any impact on where I am in the leaderboard.”

Former Immortals player Jason “jmoh” Mohandessi chimed in too, saying he thinks “ranked games are harder than Tier 1 matches.”

This problem is something Riot claims to have fixed in the VALORANT patch that went live earlier today, though as Asuna noted later in the stream with Hiko, he was still having some issues. 

Riot says it will be keeping an eye on queue times and will continue making adjustments when necessary to keep top-level players from struggling to find matches.