Valorant High-quality settings cause the buff

In the highest option of graphics settings, there are some new different fields and it can actually change the possible things with the Agents present in Valorant.

Like other FPS games in Valorant also for the common practice, you should keep the graphics settings at a low level to get the best possible performance. You can have the possible highest frame rate to have good performance and your system will never cheat you.

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Initially, you may have kept everything low when you first open the game. After some time when you found some other settings, these new inventions might make you change the settings. But it is a good thing if your PC is able to run Valorant with higher settings.

With the higher settings also, the maps can change in small ways. In the lowest options textures are not there, but with the higher-level settings, some textures will add. Many maps are restricted in terms of visual, but some new geometry is also existing. Agents are allowed to interact and provide new features.

Higher-quality settings in Valorant

A Reddit user ‘Interr0gate’ experimenting in a game on 12th July and found some odds. In the higher settings next to the market, a new texture came in Ascent.

Higher graphics settings show invisible textures that allow for more ability lineups. from r/VALORANT

On the lower settings, The Recon Bolt sticks of Sova into an unseen surface, and also some bullets arrive for some impact. In the sky there is nothing, but all signs indicating towards some geometry running out.

A totally different clothesline appears in the higher graphical options. Half of the hanging clothes are not there. But the other half is totally observed into the map, allowing all weapons and abilities to interact. At first, this seems like a normal thing, but it can cause a big disequilibrium.

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Those who are in lower settings for then checking this place is not possible. But for the players who are using higher settings, this could be a new Recon Bolt spot. Also, in Split, there are some visual differences. A new texture appears on the higher settings. Though it is not so significant.

ascent map in valorant
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Most of the Agents can be benefited from these additional features. Viper can angle new Toxic Screens, New Spycams can be placed by Cypher. Though Riot didn’t comment on this issue, in the near future, this will be fixed.