Here are the best Spectre skins in VALORANT

The Spectre, VALORANT’s classic submachine gun, is one of the most iconic weapons found in the game. With two dozen skins available to purchase for it, the Spectre is also one of the most popular weapons that VALORANT has to offer.

Here are the best Spectre skins to pick from when assigning a new look to the gun that you’re probably going to purchase in 90 percent of your light-buy rounds. 


VAL BlastXSpectre

Whipped up in the traditional style of most toy guns, the BlastX Spectre serves as a direct callback to childhood memories. With playful “pop-pop” sound effects upon firing and a plastic sheen covering the outside of the gun, the BlastX Spectre replicates the feel of firing a toy gun with perfect accuracy. Plus, the finisher that comes along with the BlastX line is the perfect way to take down your enemies during the holiday season. 

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

VAL GravSpectre

The retro-futuristic style of the Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster is truly one-of-a-kind in VALORANT. There’s nothing more satisfying than unloading a full clip with this skin and hearing the consistent sound of the weapon firing. An endless “pew-pew” sound reminiscent of the one you might hear in an arcade shooting game makes for one of the best sound effects in all of VALORANT


VAL ValorantGoSpectre

If the VALORANT Go! skin line has anything going for it, it’s the cuteness factor. And frankly, there’s no character in VALORANT who nails cuteness more than Killjoy. This skin is perfect for Killjoy mains who want nothing more than their favorite character to be staring them down while they aim down their sights. Pair this skin with the Killjoy gun buddy for maximum scientific ingenuity. 


VAL MagepunkSpectre

The Magepunk skin line is one of the most impressive skin lines that Riot has ever released—and the Magepunk Spectre easily stands out as a highlight. The lightning that crackles at the tip of the weapon always looks aesthetically pleasing, while the small, copper lever that bounces back and forth as you fire is also a nice touch that isn’t too distracting. As a welcome added bonus, the graphics that come along with the Magepunk line are immensely pretty to look at whenever you secure a kill or headshot. 


VAL PrismSpectre

There’s nothing too special about the Prism Spectre. There’s no added bells and whistles and the firing sound is exactly the same as it is on the Spectre’s default skin. But the shine that the skin gives off reflects light extremely well and makes the gun look like pure glass in the right circumstances. There’s a certain elegance in simplicity when it comes to the Prism Spectre, so if you’re looking to give your Spectre a new look without completely changing its aesthetic, this skin is perfect. 


VAL SplineSpectre

Somehow, Riot managed to make a more alien-like skin with the Spline Spectre than with the game’s actual outer-space-themed skin line. The Spline Spectre looks like a weapon straight out of a game like Halo or Doom. The alien themes that run up and down the base of the gun are obvious. A notable standout feature is the reload animation, which showcases several egg-shaped beads getting discarded and replaced with a new clip of extraplanar objects.