Here are the best Ghost skins in VALORANT

Let’s hear it for the Ghost. Although by no means the most powerful gun in VALORANT, it’s low-cost, highly efficient, and gets the job done to secure those all-important early-round leads. 

If you enjoy the Ghost and are looking for something a little fancier than the base skin, you have a wide array of options to choose from to spice up your sidearm. And even better, a lot of the Ghost’s skins are available for free through completing agent contracts. The only thing better than a cool skin is a cool free skin.

A few Ghost skins were battle pass exclusives, but all the skins on this list are still available. If one happens to land in your shop, remember that although a good-looking gun can’t increase headshot accuracy, buying it may still make you better at the game… probably. 

In no particular order, these are our picks for the best Ghost skins in VALORANT



This one’s for the Astra fans. 

VALORANT’s unlocking system means all of their agents are free to play and offers players the chance to access themed gun skins. The skins are sidearm-only and are the final reward in an agent contract. When VALORANT’s latest agent Astra was released, she came with a Ghost skin that matched her magenta, celestial theme. The Eclipse Ghost is bright but clean with a black background and gold detailing that make it one of VALORANT’s simplest but most aesthetically pleasing guns. 

Soul Silencer


Much like the Eclipse Ghost, the Soul Silencer is available for free through the unlock system of agent contracts. This skin in particular comes from everyone’s favorite brooding, hooded antihero, Omen. The skin’s design is sleek and minimalist enough to be enjoyed universally but pays just enough homage that Omen fans will want to rock it as part of their loadout. 

The gun’s pattern mimics the bandaged elements of Omen’s character model and is covered in fissures and cracks that emit a soft blue-white glow, much like the light that fills Omen’s hands when he casts his Shrouded Step. And as if that wasn’t enough, the skin boasts a unique interaction with the Ancient Mysteries Revealed gun buddy. Normally an orangey-pink color, when you attach this little eight-legged friend to the Soul Silencer, his turns purple with fluorescent blue markings on his head that match the pattern of Omen’s visor. 



If you’re looking for something a little more flashy, Sovereign Ghost might be the skin for you. Released as part of VALORANT’s Sovereign skin line, the gun features a heavenly white-and-gold color scheme with swirly, gilded accents fit for a king. When you upgrade the gun using Radianite points earned in-game, the gun’s base reload and fire animations are imbued with celestial blue light. 

The skin also has four recolors available, unlockable with 15 Radiante points each. The recolors are available in Purple, Gold, and Silver, all of which add their own unique edge to the Sovereign line. 



The latest edition to the Ghost family of products, the Magepunk skin combines a retro, steampunk aesthetic with blue bolts of magical electricity. The Magepunk skin line, released in April this year, comes from an alternate universe in which magic was discovered before electricity and became the driving force of the industrial revolution. 

The skin itself has a tarnished brass finish and a glass chamber with a crackling beam of electricity inside and you can use Radianite points to upgrade the electricity’s color from basic blue to purple, green, and orange. The coolest thing about this skin, though, is its final kill animation, which traps the enemy player in a giant glass jar and zaps them with electricity. 

Valorant Go!

val go

The Valorant Go! skin line is one of the best in the game when it comes to detailed artwork. Each gun in the collection features a cute, chibi-esque rendering of one of VALORANT’s iconic agents. The Ghost draws its inspiration from everyone’s favorite healer, Sage, with a teal color scheme that matches the color of her abilities. It’s cute, it’s funky, and it’s a nice homage to all the long-suffering Sage mains out there.