Havan Liberty reveal a female roster | VALORANT NEWS

The female competitive VALORANT scene is definitely interesting to keep an eye out for. We have seen organizations already realize their talents, namely Cloud9 White, who recently managed to beat Renegades in the Qualifier. The latest to reveal their all-female VALORANT lineup is Havan Liberty.

The organization already has a male roster competing in VALORANT tournaments, and even managed to win the AORUS League – Brazil #2 and reach the semifinals of Brazil’s First Strike. This time around, Havan Liberty announced five incredibly talented female VALORANT competitive players, namely, Beatriz “Bia” Terra, Leticia “let” Dias, Camila “sayuri” Obam, Diana “mittens” Trevisan, and Victoriah “blu” Ceniz.

Out of the bunch, mittens previously competed in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, having gotten 2nd in the Brasil Game Cup Female Final 2019. As for the others, they consistently stream VALORANT and create content for their communities.

What other organizations do you want to see reveal female rosters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The female Havan Liberty VALORANT team consists of:

Beatriz “Bia” Terra
Leticia “let” Dias
Camila “sayuri” Obam
Diana “mittens” Trevisan
Victoriah “blu” Ceniz