Guild Yacine saw Davidp as the weakest link in the G2 roster | VALORANT NEWS

We recently saw G2 Esports go out of the First Strike Europe Regional Final to Team Heretics in the semifinals. Since then, it was reported the organization was looking into shuffling around their roster, with Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi and David “davidp” Prins the ones in front of the fire. Eventually, we saw the latter officially get benched, with the player explaining the decision is primarily due to the team searching for a dedicated In-Game Leader.

Earlier this month, Guild Esports’s Yacine “Yacine” Laghmari was featured in an interview, where he expressed his opinion on his fellow European rivals, and didn’t shy away from naming Davidp as the weakest link in their team. He continued to praise Oscar Cañellas “mixwell” Colocho’s understanding of the game and his recent Raze performances.

“If I am going to be completely honest here, shoutout to Davidp, but I think he has to go. I think he doesn’t have what it takes to compete with the other guys on the team. I know it sounds harsh but I will give my honest opinion.”

The decision G2 Esports took to bench Davidp might prove fruitful after all, considering both reports and members within the VALORANT esports community felt he was a bit out of place within the team. Whether it will eventually prove the change they need to return to their Ignition Series dominance levels is yet to be determined.

Davidp joined the G2 Esports roster back in July as the fifth and final member. Throughout his VALORANT career, he managed to average a 206 ACS, with 119.2 ADR, 17 clutches, and a 1.2 K/D. Prior to update 1.07 and the Sage nerfs it introduced, Davidp was notorious for his extremely dangerous and aggressive playstyle on the agent, contrary to its usual more supportive role.

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