Guild Esports knock out Alliance after a nail-biting series | VALORANT NEWS

Guild carried the momentum with them onto Split, gaining the upper hand over their opponents for the first few rounds before Alliance pulled it back to keep themselves in the game at 8-4. Once again, hype stepped up with a big 3K to get the 14th round on the board for his team, making it 8-6.

Leo “Leo” Jannesson put on a performance to remember, especially in the later stages of the game. The Swedish managed to stop Alliance from planting on B-site with a blind double kill through the smoke then closed out the round with two more kills to put his team at 11-9.

An extremely aggressive Raze play from Yacine “Yacine” Laghmari at the start of the series point round wasn’t enough for his team to close out the game. Once again, we were pushed into overtime, with Alliance Esports keeping themselves in the series after all.

The third and final map, Ascent, had to crown a winner for this memorable series between the two. Contrary to what happened on Haven and Split, Alliance were the ones pulling away from Guild Esports, extending their lead to 8-4. However, as usual, the latter team didn’t let them enjoy that for long before equalizing the score to 8-8.

The round-for-round trade continued for quite a while till we reached 10-10, and that’s when Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel’s 2K and William “draken” Sundin’s 3K in the same round pushed Guild to 11-10. This proved crucial, giving the Swedish roster the morale boost they need to close out the series.

An outstanding nail-biter of a series see Guild Esports just barely scrape by Alliance after two extremely close encounters on Haven and Split, with Ascent finally separating the two for them to continue their Masters quest.


Group B Elimination Match


Best of 3

March 14, 2021