Guide for Spike in Valorant

  • Spike in Valorant is similar to a bomb in CS:GO with some minor changes.
  • Spike requires seven seconds to defuse and four seconds to plant.

Valorant based on ‘search and defuse’ formula which is very similar to CS:GO, this is an FPS shooter game. Both the games have a bomb, the attacking team needs to plant it in an entitled position on the map. The opposite team needs to protect them from planting the spike. When one of the teams loosed five players then the round losing and wining technique takes place.

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Before the time runs out, if the attacking teams can not plant the bomb or the defending team is able to defuse it after planting then also win and loss takes place.

Initially, it seems like the mechanism of Spike is quite complicated. If you are new in the world of Valorant, but wants to push yourself up, here is a guide:

Step by step instructions to plant, drop and defuse the Spike in Valorant

Spike pick-up during Round start

At the starting point of every round in the time of the attack, this Spike will be there in the ground lying in front of the enemies and anyone can pick this up.

Planting the Spike

valorant spike planting
Image Courtesy – TheGamer

The Spike can be planted in only some designated areas on the map as mentioned above. By pressing and holding ‘4’ you can plant the bomb being on the site.

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You can also fake plant this, by letting go of this button also. During the time of planting, no other abilities will work, though it takes only four seconds.

Defusing the Spike

valorant defuse spike
Image Courtesy – Youtube

Like CS:GO here also in Spike there is an explosion timer which detonates after 45 seconds, but the difference is in CS:GO it takes five seconds more than Valorant. It will take seven seconds to defuse the Spike and you can defuse it in two parts.

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Till mid bar when you defuse the Spike, you can let go of the defusing key by pressing ‘4’ again. But when you start the process of defusing the meter will run till the second half of the bar. As there is no defusal key this mechanics exists which makes the defusing faster as like CS:GO.

Throwing the Spike

By pressing ‘4’ and then ‘G’ you can easily throw this on the ground if you want to take the Spike with the help of a team member or want to throw it in a safe position. You also can throw this to your teammate if you want that particular team member to carry it out, and it will be added to their invoice automatically.