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Guide for collecting all Valorant knife ingame

While Aichmomania is a serious condition. Every FPS shooter gamer is a bit crazy and has that fascination for knife skins and this is a serious business for the knife lovers for the game companies. So, when these gorgeous and cool knife skins came in Valorant for the characters, it takes strength to not just lash out your wallet and buy all the knife skins in week’s rotation.

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It is true that the cosmetic system or the skins of Valorant had faced a lot of criticism before. These skins are very cheap and right now there is no system of having them for free. Also, these Valorant knives looks super cool in-game where players use these knife to get some fascinating kills with Valorant knife animation change.

Valorant currently has seven purchasable knife skins

Kingdom Knife

Image Courtesy – ValorantSkins

This skin can be unlocked through the Battle pass currently. But after the completion of BP missions, you have to purchase the Battle Pass for this skin to buy. This skin looks very ritzy and had a futuristic appeal.

Prime Axe

Image Courtesy – ValorantSkins

This skin is an axe with a golden frame and a purple handle. Instead of stabbing using a knife, you can chop down your enemies using this axe. Cost: 3,550 VP

Reaver Knife

Image Courtesy – ValorantSkins

This skin has a sharp point. It has a murderous appeal with notched edges all around and also a deadly appeal. Cost: 3,550 VP

Luxe Knife

Image Courtesy – ValorantSkins

This is one of the cheapest cosmetics in Valorant. This does not have many details on it but has a clean finish and it gives a simple and effective look. Cost: 1,750 VP

Imperium Knife

Image Courtesy – ValorantSkins

This knife looks like a fairy knife and quite simple at first look. This has the most detailed and complicated design in Valorant. It has a dragon head. Cost: 2,550

Prism Knife

Image Courtesy – ValorantSkins

This knife is sleek and cool. It has a clean design. The dark blue color gives a deadly vibe and also added a purple hue that made the knife must-have for a knife skin lover. Cost: 2,550 VP

Sovereign Knife

Image Courtesy – Youtube

This is the most researched knife in Valorant. It seems like has some magical properties. Cost: 3,550 VP

How to get Knife in Valorant?

Image Courtesy – Gamer Tweak

If the knife that you want to buy is not in the rotation then you can’t buy that knife skins. The knife skins come with a bi-weekly rotation and Valorant developers make a cycle through the skin lines and introduce new skins with every patch. These knife skins are expensive and don’t come below the 2,500 VP mark. So, we recommend you to buy the skins in bundles so you can get it cheaper than its actual price.

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