Ghost Gaming sign Project ! | VALORANT NEWS

With the VALORANT Champions Tour on the horizon, several organizations have squeezed their way into a crowded North American competitive landscape to try and grab a piece of the pie. Even just a few days ago, we saw eUnited make their entrance by signing ex-Serenity. Ghost Gaming have now done the same, picking up the roster formerly known as Project !.

Ghost’s squad features Addison “zecK” Gorzeck, Dajon “Chase” Lopez, Nate “payen” Lopez, Marki “NiSMO” Tayar, and Will “dazzLe” Loafman, with Creed “Creed” Peters, the former Mamba Mode manager caught in the crossfire of that controversy, managing the team. zecK, NiSMO, and dazzLe all come from various levels of North American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: dazzLe was the most successful of the three, having represented organizations such as Team Singularity and eUnited. payen is a former Paladins player for the likes of Pittsburgh Knights, while chase has no prior competitive experience.

zecK and Chase were with Mamba Mode Gaming for quite some time, dating back to late July/early August. With the team, they were quite successful, with a win at the PULSE Series and second-place finishes at the 30Bomb: Invitational Series #2 and the Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly November. payen was a more recent addition to Mamba Mode, coming from a stint on Built By Gamers. With the disbandment of Mamba Mode, they began playing with NiSMO and dazzLe. dazzLe made the switch to VALORANT more recently, while NiSMO has been touted as an up-and-comer by players such as Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor and boasts some of the best stats in North America, at 256 ACS and 1.19 KD, while previously playing for Prospects.

The games the team has already played together, at the NSG x Complexity Invitational, saw them try a number of different compositions and roles, with chase, NiSMO, and dazzLe all taking up duelists at one point or another. The two constants were payen on Cypher and zecK on Omen, and it’s very likely that those two roles will remain that way.

Ghost have signed a promising roster with a history of success, and will be looking to work their way up the rankings as the VALORANT Champions Tour goes on. They’ll make their debut under the Ghost banner at this week’s Nerd Street Gamers – Winter Championship, where they play Equinox Esports in their first match of the group stage.

Ghost Gaming are:

Addison “zecK” Gorzeck
Dajon “chase” Lopez
Nate “payen” Lopez
Marki “NiSMO” Tayar
Will “dazzLe” Loafman