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© bcbalvares (Twitter)
© bcbalvares (Twitter)

BetweenTeam oNe and B4 eSports, the first map was quite close, the second was not. The first half of Split, the map chosen by Team oNe, finished 6-6 but when B4 eSports went on the attack they got 6 consecutive rounds, putting themselves in match point situation, which would close out two rounds later, finishing 13-7. The biggest difference was on Ascent, where B4 won the series without losing a single round, 13-0, with Alexandre “xand” Zizi and Bryan “pANcada” Luna leading the scoreboard with 20 and 19 kills respectively.

The last quarter-final match, played between paiN Gaming vs Imperial Esports, was the tightest of all. The advantage was held by the team that made the map selection. The first map, chosen by pAIN, was Bind, where they beat Imperial Esports 13-10, a match where pAIN’s team play made the difference to win. On Haven, map chosen by Imperial Esports, it was the same 13-10 but now in favor of Imperial, despite the excellent performance of Veroneze, who finished with 25 kills and an ADR of 195 points. The map that decided pAIN’s victory was Split, where pAIN presented an exceptional attack and stayed with 10 rounds in the attack and put Imperial Esports in a very complicated situation. Again pAIN’s forte was their team play and map control.

© bcbalvares (Twitter)
© bcbalvares (Twitter)


The games were less tight than in quarterfinals, the first match had Gamelanders vs B4 eSports. Gamelanders proved their superiority, showing why they are one of the strongest teams in the region. They obtained another 2-0 victory. In Ascent they won 13-6 over B4 with a good performance from Leonardo Leonardo  “mwzera” Serrati Serrati. On Bind, even though it was a little bit closer and even with a good performance from Bryan Bryan “pANcada” Luna Luna, a B4 player, it was not enough to prevent Gamelanders from winning 13-10.
In the second semifinal we saw the potential of pAIN, who, after a tight first round, managed to win 2-0 against Havan Liberty, who had a bye through the quarterfinals due to Vorax Fusion dropping out. On both maps, Ascent and Bind, they won 13-3; Vitor Vitor  “kon4n” Hugo Hugo had a great game finishing with 40 kills and a KD of 2.5.

© bcbalvares (Twitter)
© bcbalvares (Twitter)


The big final started without surprises, Gamelanders took the first map, Bind, 13-5 with a solid performance, again, from mwzera, who, with 28 kills and a KD of 2.55, didn’t give pAIN space to develop their team game.
Then we had an Ascent, map chosen by pAIN, with identical partial round scores 8-4 in favor of the defenders we had the first overtime of the tournament. It ended 15-13 in favor of pAIN, showing that it was not going to be easy for Gamelanders.
In Icebox we saw the only Skye used in Brazil in the hands of kon4n, and despite having a good individual performance, pAIN couldn’t stop Gamelanders and with 13-6 they were put on match point.
The series was defined in Split, a map chosen by pAIN. Gamelanders finished the first half 9-3 as defenders and put pAIN in an extremely complicated situation. pAIN kept the round of guns on the defending side, but it was not enough to prevent Gamelanders from winning the map.

First Strike Brazil Regional Final

Grand Final


Best of 5

December 6, 2020


Final Standings for First Strike Brazil Regional Finals:

1. Gamelanders R$70.000
2. paiN gaming R$40.000
3-4. B4 eSports R$24.000
3-4. Havan Liberty R$24.000
5-8 INGAMING Esports: R$10.500
5-8. Team oNe: R$10.500
5-8. Imperial Esports: R$10.500
5-8. Vorax Fusion: R$10.500