Game breaking exploit of Reyna in Valorant

June 30 Update (6:00 pm PT): While Riot works on a fix for exploit, they disabled Haven from Competitive mode. But it is expected that after 24 hours Haven will be re-enabled.

valorant haven map exploit
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Game breaking Valorant exploit

One Valorant developer tweeted that as they know about an exploit of Haven map. They are trying to fix it overnight, and for this, they have disabled this from the competitive queue, but once they get confidence that the problem is fixed then it will be back into the game as a rotation.

Because of an exploit it makes some problems on Haven associated with Reyna, it lets Reyna phase under the large metal platform of Haven for planting the spike and wallbang without a reasonable counter nearby the enemies.

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The hard carry Agent has a set of abilities that contains all that helps her for hunting every member of the opponent team. One of this kit is ‘Dismiss’, that lets the Duelist become elusive after adsorbing a soul orb.

A Reddit user TwaiseReddit showed that this ability can debt itself to an unknown interaction on Haven that lets Reyna get under the map by the C site using Dismiss.

{EXPLOIT} Game-Breaking Reyna Exploit on HAVEN from r/VALORANT

It is a quite simple exploit where she can use Dismiss near the obstacle and she can stoop her way in there. After that, she can place the spike in a position where the enemy team members can not reach, shoot the opponents inside a place from where she can not be seen, or take a shelter where she can not be traced by the enemies.

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People found that Dismiss will also make the Agents being stuck inside the character models of other players. This is a streamlined way for someone to secure a round using it as a centric point of their game plan.

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The presence of exploit in Haven makes the people wonder if this could be done in the other maps present in the game, preferably on Bind’s B site on the secondary metal container, but nothing is there. Now, the Valorant community wants Riot to come with a fix or a solution so that the Reyna fans can not misuse the exploit in the game.

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