G2 Esports sweep Orgless in a close encounter at European First Strike Quarterfinals | VALORANT NEWS

Six times Ignition Series winners, G2 Esports, took on OrglessV in a close sweep that saw many upset rounds but eventually had G2 take the series 2-0, despite Aaro “hoody” Peltokangas topping the global scoreboard.

After a veto that saw G2 float Icebox, the series started on their map pick of Split, which had David “davidp” Prins return to his Sage and Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks debuting his Breach against Orgless’ standard double Duelist in Vincent “Happy” Cervoni and hoody. The opening round started with G2 executing into a stacked A-Site, having to back off into B where Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi held off the retake with a 3k. After flawlessly winning the follow-up, they quickly launched a B execute and won with great confidence. With Orgless in an eco, they took a round they shouldn’t have, with Hoody’s classic taking three members and the round, but the momentum wasn’t able to be flipped as G2 won the following two rounds which led into a lengthy technical pause at 5-1.

After the match resumed, G2 returned to their usual play, winning A-site after a crucial 4k by pyth. They continued to forward the lead with four consecutive rounds before losing a close final round of the half to Ričardas “Boo” Lukaševičius’s anchor leaving it at 10-2.

Moving on to the second pistol, G2 pushed in confidence but were shut out by the attacking team of Orgless who then took the follow-up and the next few, accelerating towards a comeback with Happy securing their seventh with a great 1v2 spraydown. Orgless’ eighth, ninth, and tenth rounds were skirmishes in which they came out on top, tying up the scoreline at 10-10. Now feeling the pressure, G2 finally took their first defensive round with a heroic post-death Paintshell by Oscar Cañellas “mixwell” Colocho giving them a man advantage. The round was then quickly tied up by an insane double kill by Happy’s Showstopper, but the match point was claimed by a flawless round in G2’s favour, even with the lesser weaponry, before winning Split 13-11.

Bind was next on the schedule, and with G2 looking mortal, Orgless wanted to take their own map pick, choosing a wildcard pick with Boo’s Viper. DavidP and ardiis also returned to their normal Breach and Sova respectively. With this change, DavidP automatically started with a 1v2 clutch, defusing an A-site plant, with the second round then going flawless into G2’s favour. The third round wasn’t as defender favoured, as Orgless took a great execution towards the B-site before an extremely close round in the fourth, evening the score at 2-2. Orgless kept continuing these set plays, taking a third and closely finishing a fourth. G2 then traded out and used Patryk “paTiTek” Fabrowski’s unpredictability to take a gun round and forcing an eco out of their opponents in which they equalized cleanly. Round nine started with another aggressive peak from paTiTek who was traded out before a heroic 3k push by pyth stopped Orgless’ execution and then battling out into a three round lead. The final round of the half was a nail biter which ended with DavidP defusing the Spike with less than one second to spare.

Now at an 8-4 lead, G2 took an extremely quick pace towards a plant, but Boo used his classic to clutch out and give the pistol to Orgless, who continued to shut down G2’s force buy. G2’s economy saw a swarm of the A-site, leading to a Spike plant and defusal but not a single member of Orgless surviving, as G2 cleaned up after losing the round. A repeated attempt followed but Orgless took out every member of G2 before defusing the spike, and creating an 8-8 scoreline. Swapping sites, G2 injected themselves into B before being whipped by a dominant Happy. G2 and Orgless then went on to trade rounds before two solid post plant holds gave G2 another lead. Pyth on low HP claimed two in the back of A site, giving match and series point to the European superteam, and a flawless B execute won them the map 13-10 and series 2-0.

First Strike Europe Regional Final

Quarter Final


Best of 3

December 3, 2020