G2 Esports CEO believes VALORANT will eventually “destroy” CS:GO | VALORANT NEWS

G2 Esports’ CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, voiced his opinion before on the world of VALORANT esports and the reason behind his early investment in the scene. His recent interview with ESPN Esports revealed more on his thoughts on the usual and inevitable comparison between VALORANT and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Considering ocelote was a former League of Legends professional player, he knows first-hand what it means for VALORANT when Riot Games are continuously looking for ways to support the game’s competitive scene, not only through competitions but with building a world for people to get invested in after they are done playing the game.

“A video game is not just a video game; it’s what happens around the video games. In VALORANT, you have different characters, and each character has lore and background. We, humans, are very empathetic by nature, so we want to know about these characters,” said ocelote.

© Riot Games / LoL Esports
© Riot Games / LoL Esports

When it comes to the constant comparison question between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and VALORANT, ocelote believes that Riot Games’ tactical shooter has the future to eventually “end up destroying, in terms of numbers of people playing the game, Counter-Strike, because in Counter-Strike, the only thing you have going for you is the mechanics, and I love the game to death, I do.”

There will come a point where VALORANT becomes incomparable to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beyond its core mechanics, considering how much Riot Games are invested in developing lore around the game’s agents and maps. This is the studio’s usual workflow, since we have seen it prove massively successful with League of Legends, and even with the studio’s collectible card-game Legends of Runeterra.

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