Fusion Fraggers find an organization, becoming Vorax Fusion | VALORANT NEWS

Vorax is a brand-new Brazilian esports organization, formed following a merger between Falkol Esports and Prodigy Esports. In a big splash for their debut, they’ve signed successful Brazilian team Fusion Fraggers, and will keep the team’s sponsorship with Fusion Energy Drink to become Vorax Fusion.

The full Vorax Fusion roster consists of Gabriel  “v1xen” Martins, Leonardo  “fzkk” Puertas, Hiago  “delevingne” Baldi, Gustavo  “krain” Melara, and Matheus  “dragonite” Matos, along with coach Rodrigo “Gatti” Gatti. The players have mixed backgrounds of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, but their VALORANT success dwarfs anything else they were able to achieve.

Since June, Bottom Fraggers, known later as Fusion Fraggers for their sponsorship, has been one of the best teams in Brazil. They burst onto the scene with many smaller victories, eventually bringing home their first big tournament win, Fusion New Rivals, later that month. They qualified for Gamers Club Ultimate, ultimately falling out in the semifinals, and won the OnFire Cup against many of the region’s best teams in September. They finished second at Gamers Club Ultimate #2 and won the Esportsmaker Spike Series before taking on First Strike, where they’ve qualified to be one of 8 teams fighting it out for the region’s top prize at the LAN in December. fzkk usually plays as the team’s main duelist, with v1xen manning the smokes, dragonite playing as the sentinel, krain on Sova, sometimes flexing to Breach, and delevingne playing whatever else the team or meta requires, often another duelist or Sage.

Fusion Fraggers have been one of the best teams in Brazil for some time, and under the banner of Vorax, who knows what they can accomplish? They’ll be headed straight to the First Strike Brazil Regional Final LAN, the biggest event the region has seen yet. It is worth noting that Falkol Esports were part of the merger that formed Vorax, and no statement has been made on the future of their own competitive operations, including their VALORANT team. The team was in competition as recently as November 17th.

Vorax Fusion are:

Gabriel “v1xen” Martins
Leonardo “fzkk” Puertas
Hiago “delevingne” Baldi
Gustavo “krain” Melara
Matheus “dragonite” Matos

Rodrigo “Gatti” Gatti (Coach)