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Free VP in Valorant with some catch

Earlier we told you that you can get free VP in the game, this is not a scam. There is a way of getting these points. Finally, Riot has confirmed it though there is a catch. You have to go to MS Paint and by dusting off the artistic skill of yours you can get these points.

Is it close enough like getting the Glitchpop collection? Don’t have $10 to spend for 20 VP?

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There’s a way in Valorant to achieve free Valorant Points. This is not an extended scam but rather the continuation of a long-term program from League of Legends to the new FPS title.

Since the launch of League of Legends in 2009, from then Riot is giving the players free VP to buy their favorite champions and skins. They tell the players to submit a drawing anything about the league itself, and they can earn the currency.

This technique has become adorned in League of Legends. People are celebrating the ‘RP art’, if there is something skillful they often share it with the community. For the celebration of League 10, some popular art even manages to get champion cards when the players loaded into the game.

Also, there is a dedicated website to show some best RP art. No matter how you can paint, if it’s good art or a comic, everyone loves the RP art.

Now, in Valorant Riot gives you the same chance to do. A Riot support staffer stated that if anyone needs 50 VP, you have to submit a piece of art to get the currency.

The Riot support staffer said that they cannot give the Valorant points for free, unfortunately, but they want to help the players. If any player can submit artwork , Riot can help them. The artwork has to be done in something like MS Paint.

A Reddit user ‘randomlitbois’ showcased his artwork to get 40 VP.

How to get free VP in Valorant

If anyone wants to get free VP to achieve the next collection, or the battle pass, here is the process,

  1. Submit a support ticket to Riot here.
  2. Choose “Purchases & In-game Content” or “General” as your Request type.
  3. Wait for your reply from Riot to see if they can help you out.
  4. Draw your magnificent piece of art.
  5. Submit it back to Riot, and the VP should appear in your account in the coming days.

This is only applicable for a small amount of VP, so don’t expect to buy the whole collection by this.

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