Former Dallas Fuel players announce transition to VALORANT | VALORANT NEWS

The Overwatch League offseason is currently in full swing, and some players are using the opportunity to make the hop over to VALORANT. Over the last few days, former Dallas Fuel members Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson, Dylan “aKm” Bignet, and Ashley “Trill” Powell have all announced their transitions.

Former Flex Support player uNKOE has been in Overwatch since 2016. He was picked up very early into the game by G2 Esports, was dropped after only a month with the team, and was shortly after signed by Rogue. uNKOE would stay with Rogue for over a year, and helped bring the team prolific success. In 2016, Rogue finished 3rd in Operation Breakout, won the ESL 2016 Atlantic Showdown, came 3rd-4th in the FACEIT Overwatch Open, won APAC Premier 2016, and came 3rd-4th in IEM Gyeonggi 2016. He finished off his stellar run with a 4th place finish with Team France at the Overwatch World Cup.

Ahead of the inaugural Overwatch League season, uNKOE was picked up to represent the Los Angeles Valiant. Shortly after, though, he was traded to the Dallas Fuel, who he’d represent for the rest of his career. Ultimately, though, success has not come like it did in Overwatch’s earlier years. The Fuel finished 10th in 2018 and 15th in 2019, while uNKOE has not played a match in 2020.

aKm’s career has followed almost exactly the same path as uNKOE’s. aKm was also a member of Rogue throughout all their success, and joined the Fuel at the start of Season 1. A DPS player known for his legendary Soldier: 76, aKm found his impact decreasing as the hero fell out of the meta. He was still crucial in their original season, but fell in playtime throughout 2019, and, like uNKOE, hasn’t played a match in 2020.

Lastly, Trill is a newer addition to the competitive Overwatch scene. He’s played since 2016, but only really broke out in 2018 with a successful performance in the Overwatch World Cup with Australia. He was picked up by the Fuel’s academy team, Team Envy, and helped them to a win in Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1: North America West. Looking like one of the best main tanks in the tier 2 scene, he was promoted to the Fuel that year. However, playtime has been hard to come by for Trill, only starting a handful of matches throughout the remainder of 2019 and 2020. As a main tank, Trill’s skill set would seem to transition to VALORANT less well than his counterparts, but without seeing him in the competitive scene yet, everything is up in the air.

How do you think the Fuel players’ transitions will go? Can a main tank player like Trill make it work? Have players like Jay “sinatraa” Won and Corey “Corey” Nigra proven enough that Overwatch players are the equal of former Counter-Strike professionals? Let us know your thoughts!