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Fix ‘Sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable’ issue in Valorant

“Sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable” issue is a very annoying problem for the Valorant players.

If happens because of the Riot server problems, but if the problems lead to your end, there is a solution for it.

It is very disappointing when you want to play your favorite game after a stressful day and find that the game servers are unavailable. From the past 12 hours, this problem annoys the players.

Sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable FIX

When players tried to log into the servers, they face the ‘sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable’ error code. So many players are complaining that they are facing the problems so it seems like it causes the problem from Riot’s end.

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Maybe their servers are currently down or their servers are receiving a huge number of login requests that their servers cannot handle and having an error.

Picture Courtesy – istheservicedown

From the graph, it is evident that players are facing this problem and it seems like the Riot servers were having the major issues from 5.30 AM IST (5.00 PM PDT). If you are facing this error you can wait till Riot found a fix for this. But it may be happening that the error is causing from your side. So before jumping into any conclusion it is better to try some steps to fix this error. The steps are:

Restarting the Client and your Router

“Sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable” error is often distinguished by ‘error code 7’. The error code 7 occurs when there is a problem on Riot servers or your internet is facing a connectivity issue.

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If you are facing this problem, you can exit from the game and restart the internet router, and then try to login into the game. Many times, these steps will fix many errors more or less.

Restart your system

It may be happening that the Anti-cheat system of Valorant, Vanguard is not able to boot up with your system properly and it also may lead the problem. So, you can just restart your PC and your Router, it may be a tricky solution.

Filing a support ticket

The support team of Valorant is quite supportive and active also, you can take their help by filling a support ticket. If all the above steps fail, we recommend you to go service portal for Valorant and you can ask their help by filing a ticket to their support team.

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