Expectations from Act 2 Episode 1

  • A new Agent will be added according to the leaks, the name of that agent may be Killjoy.
  • A new game mode and an array of weapon skins are also will be there in Act 2.

If we go back to the time of League of Legends, we can see that Riot Games now in the time of Valorant they want to handle this game with a little care and smartly to make a great success.

In Valorant as we can see that there are Acts and the Episodes, instead of having seasons like other games. And now the time has come when Act 1 will end, whole Valorant fanbase was too much excited to know what Riot Games added in Act 2 to surprise the players.

Before building any kind of expectation let’s see when Act 2 is going to release officially.

Act 2 coming soon

In the above video that was posted on the 10th of June, we can see that Act 2 will release on August 4 and will end on October 13. According to the Valorant developers on August 2 the Act 1 will end, which is two days before Act 2 will release.

What we should expect from Act 2?

Anna Donlon the executive producer of Valorant discussed the future scope and plan of Valorant in the latest tweet of Valorant.

She said that this year will be divided into six Acts, which means that every Act will run for two months. With every Act new Agents, New game modes, new Weapon Skins will be added. So, technically six Agent will be there in Valorant and we can assume that every Act will surprise the Valorant players and bring a lot of amazing features to the game.

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1.            New Agent

According to some data miners and leaks, we can assume that an Agent named Killjoy will be added as 12th Agent in Valorant. In his abilities, apex will be there same as Cypher’s gadget right now. Also, some crowd control effects will also there.

2.            Battle Pass Cost

With every Act Riot came will some premium features in the terms of Battle pass. The cost of the Battle Pass for Act 2 will be around 1,000 Valorant Points and also many rewards will be there.

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3.            New Weapons

New Weapons
Image Courtesy: Polygon

In a previous interview, Riot said that they are working and thinking about the new Weapons to add in Valorant. But in Act 2 is these will be added or not, this is not yet officially confirmed. But players will definitely surprise by new Weapons.

4.            New Map and Game Mode

Hopefully, in Act 2 a new game mode and map will be there. Though new maps sound like having the moon from the sky may be new modes will be there, according to the leaks free-for-all and Deathmatch mode will be there.