EXO Clan storm past ORDER to take First Strike Oceania Crown | VALORANT NEWS

First Strike Oceania Regional Final wrapped up over the weekend, with thrills, joy, and the sadness of defeat here’s how it all went down, down under as EXO Clan dominated the competition and stormed to the top prize of First Strike Oceania.


The quarter finals opened up with EXO Clan absolutely demolishing Wildcard Gaming with brutal efficiency, taking the match 13-4, 13-5, in what was a quick start to the day. EXO Clan came in as the favorites and dizzyLife was quick to establish that with a dominant performance and 283 ACS. The second match of the quarter finals was far closer, despite ending in another 2-0. Avant put up a valiant effort, causing issues on both maps, but simply could not overcome Legacy Esports. The match ended 16-14, 13-11, in the favor of Legacy, who will hope to ride the form of Fergus “ferg” Stephenson off the back of a 313 ACS, 56-kill performance.

The second day opened with the second set of quarter finals, with Dire Wolves falling in a very tightly-contested 1-2 to MindFreak. The series was played out on Bind, Haven and Split, with MindFreak taking Bind and Split, off the back of an all-around excellent performance. Luis “LEW” H was arguably the man of the match, putting up 55 kills and 245 ACS despite the defeat, LEW is out of First Strike, but impressed across all three maps. The final quarter final was another 2-1, as ORDER edged out Gravitas, 13-9, 14-16, 13-5 to take the final semi-final spot. ORDER had no stand out MVP, though Kale “autumn” Dunne was definitely a game-changer, with 158 ADR and a +4 on opening duels.


The semi finals opened with what can only be called a mauling. EXO Clan dominated Legacy Esports, 13-6, 13-5 wam bam thank you ma’am time for the grand final. Most notable was pl1xx who grabbed 45 kills in just two maps, as well as a 312 ACS. The second semi final looked to be much closer… for one map. ORDER edged out Map 1, Haven, 13-11. Map 2 was a rout, a 13-4 scoreline flattered MindFreak who could have easily been 13-0’d. Ali  “Swerl” Kobraee put together a valiant performance but it wasn’t meant to be, and ORDER eased into the grand final against EXO Clan.


In a tournament that was incredibly one sided for the most part the Grand Final was no different. EXO Clan dispatched ORDER with ease, 13-5, 13-8, 13-9. dizzyLife was absolutely incredible, taking home a 65 kills performance and a 2.03 K/D. Well earning the match MVP, on the back of 293 ACS. ORDER struggled across the board, just unable to get going and find the crucial edge they needed to overpower EXO Clan. While the majority of First Strike in Oceania went as expected, the grand final was one of the major upsets of the tournament, as EXO Clan surprised everyone, a surprise that started on the very first map, ORDER picked Haven, a map that has been one of their most comfortable picks, EXO Clan came out all guns firing taking eight rounds in the first half to take control of the map. A 5-1 run in the second half ended the map, and set the tone as ORDER seemed visibly taken aback at the firepower that EXO Clan brought to the fore. ORDER never got into the series, and EXO Clan took that momentum and stormed off to take the title and the $8,000 grand prize.

First Strike Oceania Regional Final

Grand Final


Best of 5

December 6, 2020


The Final Standings for First Strike Oceania Regional Finals:

1. EXO Clan – $8,000
2. ORDER – $4,000
3-4. Legacy Esports – $2,000
3-4. Mindfreak – $2,000
5-8. Avant Gaming – $1,000
5-8. Wildcard Gaming – $1,000
5-8. Dire Wolves – $1,000
5-8. Gravitas – $1,000