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Edited on December 6th, 2020 at 6:15 PM CET

Chaos EC are a North American organization best known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team which has been rising up the CS:GO world rankings, currently ranked 18th on HLTV.org. Due to a lack of funding though, the organization announced that they would be unable to continue paying the roster, and with that the players have announced that they are looking for moves into the VALORANT world.

While the remaining players are not as well-known as Joshua “steel” Nissan, they still represent immense talent, as well as, if they are brought together as a unit, good team play. Perhaps most notably is Nathan “leaf” Orf, who has had controversy around his incredible talent, mainly from the Brazilian community following Chaos upsetting MiBR. Earlier this year there were rumors of the young superstar joining Cloud9 VALORANT, and with Cloud9 failing to qualify for First Strike, maybe that move could be back on the cards.

Chaos was full of young talent, and while leaf may have been the best, it was debatable, mostly with Erick “Xeppaaa” Bach, who rose as one of the top talents on a strong Chaos lineup. Xeppaaa was also rumored to be switching to VALORANT, though he stayed put in CS:GO where his stock has done nothing but rise. The fast-paced all-arounder can work with a wide array of guns and styles and could be a strong fit anywhere in North America with his natural talent. Renegades could be a good fit for the massively talented player, if he does come over to VALORANT.

Anthony “vanity” Malaspina offered an intriguing idea, and one that we alluded to at the top of the article; Chaos are open to the idea of coming over as a whole team, with boat loads of talent at nearly every role. While this would be an incredible look into how a full team would do making the switch, the outlook of the other players, including Edgar “MarKE” Maldonodo, make it seem like the team is likely to split up. Jonathan “Jonji” Carey has also announced his free agency with interest in both CS:GO and VALORANT, Jonji repersents a veteran presence that could be useful for a number of young teams in VALORANT. He also brings the possibilty of the entire Chaos EC roster staying together in VALORANT.

Whether Chaos split up, or come to VALORANT in bits and pieces, this misfortune for the North American CS:GO scene could prove to be a substantial boost to the North American VALORANT scene with all four players offering exceptional talent. Whatever the future holds for this Chaos EC roster, they have shown that through perseverance and seemingly sheer force of will, you can rise to the top of the North American scene… can they do it in two games now?