Evil Geniuses finalize roster with 3 new additions | VALORANT NEWS

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These three editions bring a plethora of experience over to the EG roster. Roca was an initial member of Spacestation Gaming until they decided to disband their VALORANT roster in April of this year, playing the Reyna character in 115 of 122 total matches. As for Pho, he has been on various rosters in his time in VALORANT, including both Built By Gamers and eUnited. Meanwhile Branted has been on a number of pug squads for the NSG and VCT tournaments, this will be his trip on a professional team.

Evil Geniuses will be hoping that this new and improved roster will help them qualify and advance for many tournaments. As they have failed to advance to any of the Challengers main events, often getting ousted before the round of 16 began.

After these additions, EG is now:

Nolan “Temperature” Pepper
Christine “potter” Chi
Mike “Pho” Panza
Brandon “Branted” Ballard
Daniel “roca” Gustaferri

Jimmy “LiN” Lin (coach)