eUnited enter the VALORANT scene by signing ex-Serenity | VALORANT NEWS

It may seem like the North American VALORANT scene can’t get any more crowded. At this point, there’s only a few big organizations that don’t have teams. It might seem impossible for another organization to find a way in, but eUnited have done just that, announcing the signing of ex-Serenity.

eUnited’s full roster consists of Tanner “scourge” Kages, Ryan “Eazy” Matthews, Antonio “Showtime” Angotti, Joseph “Joseph” Rivera, and Joseph “Turnup” Sicre. The lineup as a whole has quite a mixed background – while Showtime, scourge, and Eazy all come from lower-level North American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Joseph was a Fortnite player, and Turnup is possibly the only former Call of Duty player in the VALORANT scene. In fact, Turnup is actually returning to an old organization of his, as he previously represented eUnited’s academy roster in the game from 2017-2019.

scourge, Eazy, and Showtime were part of Team Serenity’s original roster signed in June, and were joined by Joseph and Turnup in October. They had quite high placings in lower-level tournaments for some time, including winning the Allied Esports Strafe Series #2, and really caught the eye of many in North America when they qualified to the First Strike North America – UMG Closed Qualifier and even took a match off Complexity. They also placed top three in the Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly November, qualifying them for this week’s Nerd Street Gamers – Winter Championship, which is set to be their first event under the eUnited banner. Ultimately, they were released in a somewhat puzzling decision, but have cashed out big time by signing to a bigger organization in eUnited.

“We’ve been looking at the VALORANT scene since its origin. Right now, we feel it’s the perfect time to enter the VALORANT ecosystem with a full competitive schedule laid out by Riot. The reason we selected Eazy, Showtime, Joseph, scourge, and former eUnited Cadet Turnup was due to having a former relationship with Joseph and feeling an immense amount of synergy on the first few calls we had with this specific team. When recruiting teams, we assess competitive drive, professionalism, transparency and passion – and this team is as prepared and eager to prove themselves as any other team we’ve signed. I’m excited for the path ahead, and ready to prove why we believe eUnited VALORANT is a special team.” Matthew “Burns” Potthoff, General Manager of eUnited, commented for THESPIKE.GG.

Showtime usually takes the Jett role for the team, with scourge joining him on another duelist, Eazy playing Omen, Joseph running the sentinel position, and Turnup piloting the Sova. While all have good stats for their positions, scourge’s 253 ACS and 156.4 ADR are actually among the very best in North America.

It’s always good to see another organization get involved in VALORANT, and ex-Serenity definitely deserved to get signed. Now we’ll see whether eUnited will go the Luminosity Gaming route and tinker around with the established roster or the Equinox Esports route and let things play out as they stand.

eUnited are:

Tanner “scourge” Kages
Ryan “Eazy” Matthews
Antonio “Showtime” Angotti
Joseph “Joseph” Rivera
Joseph “Turnup” Sicre