Error Code 7 and 29 FIX VALORANT

If you are facing error code 7 and 29, you might be thinking how can you get rid of it. In this article, we will give you a quick guide about the steps of fixing these errors. These are easy; you can try to fix it and get back into grinding.

From the official release, lots of bugs and errors were there, Riot tries to fix all the problems within some times. But after fixing one problem another error sprouts on the screen. The error message is a thing that the players don’t want to see. This will kill the energy and mood of the gaming season of yours.

Error code 7 and error code 29 in Valorant may brought you lots of problem in past days, but we give you a quick guide about the fix of this problem if it popped up.

Error Code 7 and 29 Fix
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How to fix Error Code 7

With lots of error in Valorant this error 7 travels around the connection to the game server. After program booting, you may recounter with an error message with “social panel and logins for some players”. The permanent fix hasn’t yet developed, there are some steps you can follow to fix it.

  1. For beginners, you can simply restart the game application for an easy fix. It may seem lame but sometimes in the second attempt after restarting the game will work properly.
  2. If the connection still not properly working, then you can reboot the computer. After rebooting try to open Valorant game application and try to connect again after getting back your hardware.
  3. After a full restart if still, the game doesn’t want to open then double-check the network status of yours. Maybe the internet stability is the cause of the error.
  4. If these above-mentioned fixes don’t work then there is nothing to do with it, but you have to wait until Riot release the fix for this error. Though no ETA will be there. A plenty number of times the game server becomes offline from the day of release.

How to fix Error Code 29

This error is a little bit complicated than error 7. If any kind of antivirus software is running on the gaming rig then this error mat came. This problem arises from the firewall stops Valorant from loading properly.

There are a few things to remember before relaunching the game is you are facing this error. Make sure that Valorant isn’t appearing as a threat. Check the antivirus program properly. Try to restart your computer as an administrator on the computer. If there doesn’t work use the following guide to overcome this error.

  1. For searching use Windows search bar and input ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’.
  2. From the control panel, click on ‘change settings’ at the top of the screen and ‘allow another app’.
  3. After this find the location of Valorant and click OK to add it to the new app. For the anti-cheat system and Launcher, you can do the same. After finding the Vanguard file with the Game launcher, click OK on these applications also.
  4. Under ‘Firewall exceptions’ category check all the boxes for all the programs and click OK.
  5. All components should be passed from the Firewall to overcome Error Code 29.

We are into the early stage of Valorant game’s lifestyle so the connection problems will appear and it’s kind of obvious. Despite the closed beta season, these error codes are an issue for the full release of Valorant. Hopefully, if you follow the above-mentioned steps you can ignore these error codes, but for any official fix of Riot, we have to wait for it.

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