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The second lower-bracket match of the night in North America had Envy squaring off against Luminosity Gaming. Most would have tipped Envy as the favourites, and they did indeed take it 2-0. But Luminosity made it interesting, and we also got one of the best plays of the year in the form of a crazy ace from Jake “kaboose” McDonald. Envy will face Gen.G Esports in further lower bracket action tomorrow.

The teams went on to Haven first, with Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond playing the Jett that had been so successful against Immortals, and while LG started out quickly, Envy soon found themselves right back in it. Victor “food” Wong was a monster all half, ruining LG’s early setups with his pressure. Alex “aproto” Protopapas had a nice few rounds himself, but Envy seemed to figure out LG’s play early on and never looked back. The half ended 8-4.

The second half would go about the same. While LG had some good rounds, it was ultimately Envy that came out on top. Some carefully crafted B strategies, with a one-way smoke to hold one Link and a boombot to hold another, gave them several rounds, and ultimately a ridiculous ace from kaboose closed it out at 13-8.

YaBoiDre took Jett again for Ascent, a new look for the team, while Brady “thief” Dever took Raze instead of Reyna, and things worked out very well. Luminosity’s retakes were incredibly good, making things happen even when disadvantaged in number of players or weaponry, and all this gave us an 8-4 half in their favour.

But in the end, that would be all LG would get. Once the sides switched, they looked lost, and Envy completely took over the game. LG couldn’t get much going, while Envy played calm and controlled. They only dropped two rounds to take the map 13-10, and the match 2-0.



Best of 3

March 20, 2021