Envy survive Luminosity in 2-0 barnburner in VALORANT North American Masters

It wasn’t always pretty, but Envy got the job done against Luminosity in a 2-0 win. The victory pushes Envy into the lower bracket semifinal, and ends Luminosity’s VCT NA Masters run.

Envy ended Haven, the first map, with a bang thanks to an excellent post-plant play from Jake “kaboose” McDonald. Not only did kaboose nail the ace, he completely crushed the Luminosity retake attempt in the process.

Killing the player in heaven, while not the most mechanically impressive play, was a massive frag as well. It opened up Envy to be able to focus on less areas, or it would force Luminosity into a very late rotate to fill that spot, meaning they wouldn’t get to the planted spike in time.

Map two, Ascent, was even closer. Luminosity built a commanding 8-4 lead, but Envy rattled off eight rounds in a row to push themselves onto match point.

Luminosity’s VCT NA Masters run is done. Envy move further into the lower bracket into the de-facto lower bracket semifinal against Gen.G, who just knocked 100 Thieves out of the tournament. Should Envy defeat Luminosity, they will face the loser of Sentinels and FaZe Clan in the lower bracket finals.

The road ahead is long, but Envy were the favorites heading into the tournament, and should they clean up some early game sloppiness, there’s a real shot they win the Masters tournament.