Entropiq releases their VALORANT team after mutual agreement | VALORANT NEWS

With the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour, the new year prompted a wave of roster rebuilds and squad shuffles, as we have already seen with Arctic Gaming, EXO Clan, and many others. The latest to drop their team is Entropiq, following a mutual agreement to part ways with the players and allow them to explore other options.

As with every European VALORANT team, their ultimate goal was to end the year as the First Strike Europe Regional Final champions, or even make it to an advanced round in the tournament. However, only a few were strong enough to go through the Open and Closed qualifiers to get there.

Entropiq failed to do it through the First Strike Europe: Open Qualifier A and the First Strike Europe: Open Qualifier B , but finally qualified to the First Strike Europe: Qualifier #2 Playoff/Play-In after finishing in the top 16 of the First Strike Europe: Open Qualifier C. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough as they couldn’t manage to get over the last hurdle, placing 17th-32nd in the tournament.

Outside of these competitions, Entropiq managed to win both the Polish Esport Cup 2020 – Round 1 and the Polish Open #FRAMESWINGAMES, and add on top of that 2nd place finishes in all of the GLX EU Battle #5, the GLX EU Battle #7, and the TOURSTAT Summer Clash. The organization’s management made it clear they are on the search for a new roster to represent them, and are hopeful to reveal them prior to the professional season commencing.

“First, I would like to thank the VALORANT team for our cooperation. The players have now been sidelined after we agreed to allow them to seek new opportunities. We are currently working relentlessly to sign a new highly ambitious roster, which we hope to present to our fans before the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour,” said Entropiq Managing Director, Ondřej Drebota.

All of Entropiq’s former roster, Michał “RETO” Silski, Michał “MOLSI” Łącki, Vladyslav “arch” Svistov, Sebastian “NEEX” Trela, and Patryk “starxo” Kopczynski, are now free agents.

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