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With Masters 2 now in the rear view window, teams will begin to make roster changes at a fast pace. In Europe, we have one of our first roster releases, with Entropiq parting ways with their entire roster.

Overall, the team did not meet the expectations that were agreed upon when the organization signed the players back in February, thus forcing the org’s hands into making a major move. Their decision is somewhat warranted, as the roster failed to advance to any of the closed qualifers for Masters 1 or Masters 2. Their best finish came in the Challengers 3 – Open Qualifier, where they took home 2nd place, falling to Guild Esports.

For the players, many will warrant a discussion to be added to other teams, possibly even top European organizations, specifically, Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener who is one of the best duelist players in the EMEA region, amassing a 267 ACS and 1.24 rating across almost 1800 rounds.

There is still no word as to whether Entropiq has pulled out of the VALORANT scene entirely, or if they will look to rebuild their roster towards a Masters 3 push to reach Berlin in September. With the next VCT challengers still plenty of time away, they will have time to decide the best course of action.