End date of Valorant Episode 1 Act 1, When is Act 2 Coming

From the day of official launch Valorant came with its episode 1: ‘IGNITION’. Also, within episode 1 a Battle Pass was included, which is an in-game reward system for the players with a bunch of cosmetics.

If you give out the Platinum Version worth $10 or the free version of the Battle Pass, they are available for limited period of time.

Battle Pass system of Valorant:

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Each episode is broken down into some components. Various Acts are there in all the episodes and for each of the Act also a corresponding Battle Pass. Act 1 = Battle Pass 1

Each Act is further broken into 10 Chapters, with all the chapters there is five Premium tier and a Free Chapter completion reward. It worth nothing that you can give out into Premium and unlock the rewards that you have been achieved when you are on the free path.

End date of Valorant Episode 1: Act 1

Picture Courtesy – Dexerto

David ‘Milkcow’ Cole, the designer of Valorant stated that all the Battle Pass will refresh after every two months from its release. It means that Act 1 will be ended on or around August 2.

No official details are there about Act 2, but you can assume that logically after the end of Act 1, Act 2 will start immediately after it. Also, Cole added that after the release of a Battle pass if any player could not earn any reward in that time period, after that they won’t be able to collect the rewards of the last episode.

According to Joe Lee, Valorant’s Revenue Lead stated that each battle pass will take approximately 100 hours for its completion. It will also depend how much XP you have as reward.

You have to earn and try to maximize the XP amount to boost the Act 1 chapter.

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