EliGE comments on VALORANT peeker’s advantage, discusses how hard the game would be without it

Team Liquid CS:GO player ELiGE discussed the benefits of peeker’s advantage in a recent VALORANT ranked stream and told fans how difficult it’d be to take angles without it. 

Peeker’s advantage gives the player peeking a corner an edge over the opponent holding the angle. Due to several factors, including the game server, frame rate, ping, and movement input, the player peeking will see the enemy holding the angle first. This gives the peeking player an advantage and gives the player holding the angle less time to react. 

This sounds slightly unbalanced, which is why peeker’s advantage has been the center of debate in VALORANT. Last year, Riot Games released an explanation of peeker’s advantage and how the developers have worked on preventing it from ruining competitive integrity. 

But removing peeker’s advantage entirely could make it harder to take fight against enemies holding an angle. CS:GO pro EliGE explained in a recent stream that fans asking for the removal of peeker’s advantage might not get the expected results. He said this would make the game much more difficult for the players pushing an angle and cause players to rely heavily on abilities and utility. 

“You would have to like use utility to get anyone off of any angle; it’s just not even possible to play like that,” ELiGE said. 

Removing peeker’s advantage would likely shift the meta and cause players to hold angles the entire round. This wouldn’t be a significant issue in regular matches, but it’d impact professional games where milliseconds can change a round’s outcome. 

If pros are hesitant about the removal of peeker’s advantage, casual players might want to reconsider their views on the subject.