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eeiu revealed as NRG’s fourth member | VALORANT NEWS

NRG Esports, the latest big-name organization to enter VALORANT, have taken an interesting approach. They began with well-known Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players Damian “daps” Steele and Sam “s0m” Oh, then switched directions and took Immortals VALORANT standout Yannick “KOLER” Blanchette. Today, NRG have taken another step in the homegrown direction with the signing of former T1 Academy player Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic.

While eeiu has a little bit of experience in CS:GO, he was almost entirely unknown when he was picked up by T1 for their academy lineup. T1 Academy weren’t amazingly successful or anything, failing to exit the group stage in the Pulse Invitational and dropping out of the 30Bomb: Summer Cup – 2020 without winning a match in the knockout stage. But they had some bright spots, most notably their upset over Sentinels in the Pulse Invitational. eeiu and Noah “rara” Giesbrecht were often pointed to as the team’s best players. While T1 Academy has been inactive since early August, all this led to eeiu getting a shot with the main T1 roster for the Pop Flash VALORANT Invitational. Ultimately, T1 would finish tied for last place, though given eeiu’s inexperience at that level and the fact that he was at least sharing in shotcalling duties for the event, it wasn’t unexpected. eeiu has mostly only played smokers, Omen and Brimstone, with a 231 ACS and 1.05 KD.

All this leaves NRG with only one roster spot to fill. Based on roles, it seems they’d be looking for a Sentinel or Healer player, though rumours suggest former Envy smoker Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha will round out the lineup.

NRG Esports are now:

Damien “daps” Steele
Sam “s0m” Oh
Yannick “KOLER” Blanchette
Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic

Chet “Chet” Singh (Coach)

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