DWG KIA enter VALORANT with aNg Darkhorse members | VALORANT NEWS

DWG KIA, formerly known as DAMWON Gaming, are by now one of the best-known organizations in Korea. They burst on to the esports scene in 2019, when they qualified for League of Legends Champions Korea, the top-flight League of Legends circuit in the region. They made the world championship quarterfinals in their first year, and in 2020, lifted the Summoner’s Cup as the world champions. They’ve owned rosters in other games, such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, as well, and today, they’ve entered the VALORANT scene.

DWG KIA have signed Jung “RyZzi” Ki-jin, Lee “HATE” Ye-hun, Kim “Secret” Ha-jin, Kim “Eugene” Su-yeong, and Kim “T3xture” Na-ra to their roster. The players have varying backgrounds – RyZzi being the only player from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – but in VALORANT, have certainly made names for themselves.

RyZzi, Secret, coach Eraser, and Eugene, though he left the squad prior to First Strike, all come from aNg DarkHorse. The highly-successful unsigned roster made it all the way to the semifinals of Korean First Strike, upsetting T1 Korea along the way and winning themselves $2,000 USD each in prize money. HATE is formerly of Cloud9 Korea, the other First Strike semifinalist and the only team to take a map off of Vision Strikers, while T3xture does not yet have any competitive results.

RyZzi will bring the stardom to DWG, he’s become one of the best Jett players in the region over the last few months. Secret, Eugene, and HATE are all experienced supportive players, and while T3xture comes in as an unknown, the success that a player such as autophobia, a player in a similar situation on the new roster of Chinese organization ZFGaming, has already found will certainly make them more comfortable taking that risk.

More and more organizations, such as ZFGaming and BearClaw Gaming, have been entering the Korean scene, and it is great to see a massive tier 1 org like DWG finally get involved. Their roster certainly has plenty of potential, we’ll now see whether or not they can live up to the status their parent organization has earned.

DWG KIA are:

Jung “RyZzi” Ki-jin
Lee “HATE” Ye-hun
Kim “Secret” Ha-jin
Kim “Eugene” Su-yeong
Kim “T3xture” Na-ra

Son “Taeri” Seo-jun
Hong “Eraser” Chang-pyo