Does VALORANT need remakes? | VALORANT NEWS

Remakes were added to League of Legends on June 15th, 2016, and they were one of the most widely requested additions to the popular MOBA. With VALORANT blooming as one of the premier FPS’ in both gaming and esports, many have started to wonder if remakes will make their way into Riot Games’ newest creation as well.

Let’s start with what a remake is: in League of Legends if a player fails to connect to a game, or is AFK for 90 of the first 180 seconds of the game, you are given the option to leave the match as a draw with no penalties. The one exception to this rule is if you’re above Diamond IV and you are in a premade group with the person who fails to connect, then it is treated like a loss. When Riot released this system it was presented as a way to make every game feel more impactful, and less like a loading screen lottery. VALORANT already has some systems in place to help with 4v5’s, whether it be free light shields on pistol rounds or additional money after that, it is still widely agreed that the additional player is favorable, especially in a coordinated ranked environment.

The question of a remake in VALORANT has been around since the closed beta, whether it be a teammate afk for the first 1-3 rounds, or someone not connected, many have argued for it. It’s not hard to see why either – 4v5’s in a game where you generally have very defined places and roles for every member of the team is simply devestating. The closest thing that Riot has added for VALORANT is the early surrender function, where all present members of the team must vote yes for a surrender, allowing a team to surrender despite a player who has abandoned the match. Still, the plague of 4v5’s has been lamented up and down the ranked ladder and remains one of the most talked about issues with VALORANT, with remakes just one possible solution.

Do you think VALORANT should have remakes? Is the current bonus money system a good enough fix? How would you properly set up a system to make 4v5’s feel more achievable, or even a system to punish those that repeatedly leave early? Give us your thoughts on the state of VALORANT and the system’s around losing a teammate early on in a match.