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Dignitas release POISED from their VALORANT squad | VALORANT NEWS

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Dignitas entered the VALORANT esports scene quite quickly, in May 2020 they announced an expansion of their female CS:GO squad, Dignitas Female to the Riot’s tactical shooter. It was obvious that it wasn’t the last word they’d have when it comes to the new FPS title in the market. At the end of August 2020, the organization revealed their acquisition of the Homeless core roster, with the exception of one player, Leonardo “Laski” Arroyo.

The fifth member was said to be announced on a later date, as the team was trialing several individuals over that time. We have seen Ryan “Shanks” Ngo participating frequently with the squad in multiple events. A lot of people were expecting him to be signed by the organization, as he was showing quite strong performances during the Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet – Closed Qualifier where he achieved 257 ACS and a 1.05 K/D or Pop Flash VALORANT Invitational. However, today Dignitas revealed his trial has come to an end, and they have decided to not take him on board.

As this news might not seem like a big shocker, the follow-up announcement has definitely made some people raise their eyebrows. Alongside Shanks, the other member to leave the squad is his brother, Kevin “POISED” Ngo. As both player and the organization commented, the reason for his departure was a bad fit with him and the rest of the squad.

Over the weeks spent with the squad, POISED achieved 184 ACS over all 744 rounds he played in tournaments.

With the small break given to the players in North America, with Pop Flash VALORANT Invitational being the final Ignition Series event in the region, it’s not surprising to see the teams and organizations decide to make the shifts before the next big tournaments to be announced. Not only that, but there are also still organizations such as 100 Thieves or Andbox finalizing their rosters and scouting the best free agents available. Will we see either Shanks or POISED representing the colors of the new organizations soon or maybe a bit different future awaits them? Stay tuned with us for more information!

Dignitas are now:

Harrison “psalm” Chang
Phat “supamen” Le
Rory “dephh” Jackson

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