Dignitas bench supamen, announce rara and ryann as trials | VALORANT NEWS

Ahead of the VALORANT Champions Tour, Dignitas have announced even more changes to their roster. After previously releasing Chad  “oderus” Miller, they’ve announced that Phat “supamen” Le will be benched, and Noah “rara” Giesbrecht and Ryan “ryann” Welsh will be on trial to fill the spots in the team.

While supamen was tremendous in the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational performance that got Dignitas signed, recent play has seen him drop off somewhat. Though still a solid, consistent player on the Omen, it seems Dignitas have decided to change things up.

ryann should be his direct replacement on the smokes role. While only recently transitioning to VALORANT from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where he most recently played with Triumph, ryann was noted as a standout in Moon Raccoons’s disappointing Nerd Street Gamers – Winter Championship performance. He has stats of 175 ACS and 0.92 KD throughout his VALORANT time so far.

Perhaps the more interesting player, though, is rara. Previously of T1 Academy and Rise, rara has made a name for himself as one of the most mechanically gifted talents not on a Tier 1 organization. A duelist specializing in playing entry, something we’ve seen duelist players move away from more recently in favour of hard carry threats like Reyna, he’s a great pickup for Dignitas and, if his aggression can be reined in, may end up being a long-term piece for them like Bryan  “mAKKALOFF” Drouillard has been.

Change was certainly needed at Dignitas, and things are looking up with their two talented new recruits. Of course, while they’ve gotten stronger, so has everyone else, but for now, we could see them have a very successful VCT if things mesh together well.

Dignitas are now:

Rory “dephh” Jackson
Harrison “psalm” Chang
Bryan “mAKKALOFF” Drouillard
Ryan “ryann” Welsh (Trial)
Noah “rara” Giesbrecht (Trial)
Phat “supamen” Le (Benched)