Cyber Punk skin in Valorant coming soon

According to the leaks, it seems like Riot is set to add another array of weapon skin which is named as Cyber Punk, it seems like Riot is planned and wants to make this game more and more interesting with these new skin weapons, new agents, new animations and so on.

Cyber Punk skins in Valorant

From the first day of official launch the game snatched the look of the players and also many pro players attracted to Valorant and make their place in the world of Valorant with the guns and agents on Riot Games’ FPS game. Like many shooter games, here also it offers many weapon skins, maps, agents and even players can customize the weapons as their choice.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

On July 10, Ultra-Edition skin was added to the game named ‘Elderflame’, With the release of this skin, it seems like another skin bundle is coming following this skin in the near future.

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According to the leakers ‘Cyber Punk’ is the next most important skin bundle in Valorant, this new featured set of skin will spice up the game in their own way to become the major sets. ValorantExpress shared some leaked game files in which many expected weapon skins are there, which player can expect next.

Release date of Cyber Punk skins in Valorant

According to the leakers, these new skin bundles will be added to the game in the next two weeks, the expected date is July 24, Friday, If the pattern of former bundle release will follow.

It is expected that for Odin, Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, and for melee weapons this Cyber Punk weapon set will be expected. Though, there is no official information about whether these skins will be added in the game as another Ultra-Edition bundle. The weapons skins are not released now but many are guessing it to be retro-futuristic design, as the name suggests. It is better to not concrete on anything because it is a leak may be Riot will change all the elements or maybe this will be added in the game before our expected time.

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