CSGO Players Dropping Due to VALORANT

After getting the news of Valorant many pro players are leaving the games like CS: GO and Overwatch. Though there are lots of reasons for declining the existing games.

Undoubtedly, in a very long time for an FPS game, Riot Games Valorant is one of the most successful launch in the closed beta period. On June 2 the game got a full release globally after the successful small closed beta period. The popularity of Valorant has hardly wavered. Even after the global release when the players got multiple error codes and the game’s server went under instant maintenance, the servers got packed as soon as they went back live.

The game just attracts the old players from both the game, CS: GO and Overwatch, to try their first hand experience in this new game. Beside many similarities, also there are solid points for which the game gives serious competition to both the existing game. When the mass march to Valorant from CS:GO and Overwatch for the professional level in the closed beta period, it didn’t really surprise people, as it is expected.

CS:GO Players Records Drops

Valorant’s crazy popularity results a massive fall the player counts of CS: GO. When Riot Games announced that within the month of May the game will release officially and there is hardly time left for beta period, then the popularity reaches into the pick position. They announced the official release date On June 2nd.

Courtesy – SteamCharts

After the announcement, according to the Stream tracking website, Stream Charts since the October of 2019, CS: GO recorded its first drop in player records. Many pro players of CS: Go are shifted to Valorant.

Pros Leaving for VALORANT

Players are riding the hype train of Valorant and jumping to the poll of the next big shooter game is a common trend for casual players. But, for the players those who already made their carriers on CS: GO, for a new IP, Valorant, leaving the existing game is another game-changing point for Valorant, a game which was still in its beta period. Several instances have been there of CS: GO pros, like Brax, Freakazoid, TenZ, those who lest their established carrier in CS: GO to make a new one in Valorant. But there is a big question that makes the pro players and even the retired one like Skadoodle to come in a game whose gaming plans are still under wraps. Under a month the number of players is decreasing from 857,604 in the month of April to 768,795 in the month of May. Almost 100,000 players are leaving the game.

Hacking Problems in CS: GO

For a very long time CS: GO had a hacking problem, which is not truly desirable for the community. And after the Valorant players thought to get rid of from this problem. When the situation happens like the Vanguard the anti-cheat system of Valorant start banning accounts and also hack the hardware ID of the user, this comes as a positive sign for many players.

Still CS: GO has a large fan base for obvious reason, though the total number of players are decreasing.


After nine years on its release still CS: GO attract many active players per day. Riot made sure that the game Valorant even runs on decade old PCs. In closed beta period Valorant achieve a ground-breaking success, assuming about 3,000,000 players in the game. Every day 1.2 million players are added. Most importantly and surprisingly all these happened in the time of the closed beta period of the game.

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