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Crashies joins former teammate food on Envy | VALORANT NEWS

Well, that didn’t take long. Only an hour after Envy announced the signing of Victor “food” Wong, the organization revealed Austin “crashies” Roberts is joining their VALORANT roster as well. Both former T1 members have found a new home at the team that knocked them out from the recent Pop Flash VALORANT Invitational tournament.

Austin “crashies” Roberts has put up tremendous numbers during his performances for T1 throughout the tournaments, averaging 214 ACS and contributing to the team’s record with a 1.13 KD and 0.76 KPR. The American player made a name for himself playing mainly both Cypher and Omen.

Understandably, his tournament record doesn’t differ from Victor “food” Wong as their VALORANT careers have been with T1 from the start. Austin “crashies” Roberts placed 2nd in the T1 x NSG Showdown, 5th-8th in the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational, and 7th-8th in the FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational. He had one of his standout performances against Team Kephrii in the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational, getting 312 and 330 ACS on Ascent and Bind respectively.

The question remains whether Envy will run this extensively star-studded roster all together, switching between their starting lineup during events, or are we going to see both Adam “aKis” Kisseberth and Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha dropped in favour of the new signings based off the report from Ryan “RyanAtRBM” Friend, Owner of Rush B Media.

As we mentioned previously, we have reached out to Envy for a comment on the situation, and will keep our readers updated.

The current Envy VALORANT roster is:

Adam “aKis” Kisseberth
Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha
Pujan “FNS” Mehta
Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo
Jake “kaboose” McDonald
Victor “food” Wong
Austin “crashies” Roberts

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