Cost of Elderflame skin in Valorant

The Ultra edition Elderflame skin of Valorant is now launched and the actual price of the weapon skin bundle and how much needed to fully upgrade the weapon bundle, is insanely high than we thought.

The cosmetics of Valorant provide the players to customize the cosmetics in their own way for a better experience. Just after one month of the official release, Riot has already filled the FPS game will lots of goodies for the players so that they can enjoy it.

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The Battle Pass offers some weapon skins if you can grind through different chapters or matches, also ‘premium’ alternatives are there offered by the store and the Ultra-Edition Elderflame skin of Valorant is the hot topic for the gaming world. This features a skin for Vandal, Operator, Frenzy, and Judge which is based on the dragon theme. The dynamic effects of the Ultra-Edition by ‘live’ weapons makes it different from other skins available in the game.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

Cost of Elderflame skins

If you see the price you can see that the versatileness of Elderflame skin collection has a huge effect on its price. For the base bundle, $100 is needed. Many players have back slashed the price. A nous player gives a calculation of the whole cost of how much it requires to upgrade the skin bundles. According to ‘DerCarrot27’, to upgrade this skin bundle both Radiant point and Valorant Point is needed. Each skin from this bundle requires $292 which is approximately €260 / €230.

The new Dragon pack Cost about $292 fully upgraded. from r/VALORANT

Though some players are very satisfied with this, where some want to just buy one not the whole collection because of the price. For the pricing strategy of Riot, players have to face trouble, but players don’t have to plump the cash. Players want that before the official release of Ultra-Edition skin collection Riot can reconsider the price for the players.