Competitive map selection process is dismissed by Riot in Valorant

From the day of release, players have many complaints about Valorant and also Riot tried to fulfill their demands always with new maps, Agents, updates, and many more. Now one of the important complaints in the Valorant community is the diversity of maps in competitive mode. Though the game has four different maps, it seems like repeatedly for three to four times you are having the same map again and again.

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Like CS: GO players want a selection system of the map in Valorant’s competitive mode. In Valve’s FPS game there is a pool of dozen maps from there you can pick one. In CS: GO it has more maps, many players think that in Valorant this can be added.

Competitive map Valorant

The developer team of Valorant stated that they don’t have any plan for the process of map selection as of now, because Riot wants to make this game different and of course a fair game. They also want a low queue time according to the senior producer of Valorant, lan Fielding in a blog post published in July 16.

valorant map
Image courtesy: SteelSeries

Splitting the matches of competitive modes into different pools of maps will reduce the players, and also it will be difficult for the controllers to control the game fairly.

Players are not happy with this news. The developers’ team said no to this, and players are suggesting another substitute solution in place of this feature.

According to the tweet of Don Haci, no one wants to play with the same map. If it is not possible to have different maps then it could happen that a single map can be banned.

In this year Siege’s map ban system will be added into the game and this is the same. When players having a competitive match there will three map options to choose from.